The General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope These General Terms and Conditions are effective from January 1, 2016. The General Terms and Conditions apply to any order for products offered on the Piet Nollet website. Provisions that conflict with these General Terms and Conditions are only applied with the express and written approval of Piet Nollet.

2. Details Piet Nollet

Piet Nollet

Roeselaarsestraat 16 - 8850 Ardooie - Belgium

VAT Number: BE 0 681 182 005

IBAN: BE20 4675 2899 6156 / BIC: KREDBEBB

3. Conclusion of the contract and acceptance of the general terms and conditions

The products offered for sale through the Piet Nollet website are in no way a contractual proposal, so that the buyer's will to purchase these products, outside the ordering procedure described below, is not sufficient to establish a contractual relationship. to bring. However, the buyer undertakes contractually as soon as he completes the ordering process described below. Piet Nollet only validly commits itself to the buyer from the moment it sends confirmation of the acceptance of the order, as set out below and subject to approval of the effective payment by the supplier of the electronic payment service. If the customer pays by bank transfer, he has 7 days to make this transfer. If Piet Nollet has not received the payment after that period, Piet Nollet assumes that the buyer cancels his purchase. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Piet Nollet may at any time and without prior notice suspend the sale of the product, change the product range or change the rates of its products, provided that the changes do not affect the orders placed. Piet Nollet had already accepted the change prior to the change. By completing and validating the order form, the buyer accepts without reservation these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as the Disclaimer on the Piet Nollet website. Piet Nollet reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions without notice. The new, amended General Terms and Conditions are immediately applicable except for orders that have already been accepted by Piet Nollet and which remain regulated by the General Terms and Conditions that were in force on the date of the confirmation.

4. Order procedure

The buyer browses the product range on Piet Nollet's website and chooses the products he wants. The buyer selects one or more products to buy using the "Add to Cart" icon. When the buyer selects too many products, he will receive a warning with the maximum number of products that can be ordered. After the buyer has selected the desired products, the buyer can consult his order via “My shopping cart”. If the buyer wants to change or improve his order, he clicks on the delete icon under the “Delete” column or adjusts the quantities under the “Quantity” column. The customer can click on “Recalculate” to have the new value of the shopping cart calculated. If the Buyer wishes to proceed with his order, he clicks on “Complete order”. From here, the customer goes through the four different steps of the ordering process from one screen. The order is final after the fourth step. Each step is closed by clicking on the confirmation icon “Next step”. If the buyer wants to change his order, he clicks on the “Back” link. At the last confirmation in article 4.d, the buyer enters into a contractual obligation. The buyer has the option of 3 options to start the ordering process: • One-time purchase without creating an account • Purchase with data retention by creating an account • Log in if the buyer already has an account with Piet Nollet Depending on the option chosen, the buyer clicks on “Continue” or “Log in”. a) Payment & shipping information In this step, the buyer completes his personal details for billing. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Depending on the option chosen at the start of the ordering process, all fields may or may not be completed. In case of a new Piet Nollet account, an additional password is requested. At the bottom of the screen, the buyer can determine the shipping address: • Send to this address (payment information). • Send to another address. In this step the buyer can enter their shipping information. The ordered goods will be delivered to this address. After this step, the billing address and delivery address are known. The customer can edit this information at any time on the right of the screen.

b) Shipping method In the “Shipping method” step, the customer chooses from the available shipping options. Shipping costs, if applicable, are determined in this step. c) Payment details In this step, the customer decides how he will pay based on the available payment methods. d) Check order During the last step of the ordering process, a complete overview is shown of the content of the order and all options selected during the ordering process. The content of the screen contains the following information: • the quantity and name of the products ordered; • the unit price of each product, the total price of the order including VAT • billing address • shipping or delivery address • shipping method • payment method • link to the terms and conditions with the text “I accept the terms and conditions” If the buyer still wants to change his order, he can click on “Back” and return to the previous steps. When the buyer confirms his order by clicking on “Place order”, he enters into a contractual obligation.

5. Confirmation by e-mail and execution of the order

The buyer will receive confirmation of his order by e-mail. This confirmation includes: • the number of the order • the date on which the order was placed • the delivery address • the details of the order as listed in Article 4.d, including the total price of the order • the data of Piet Nollet (See articles “Data Piet Nollet”) • the modalities for exercising the right of withdrawal by the Buyer Piet Nollet reserves the right to suspend or refuse confirmation of the order in the following exhaustive list of cases: • an incomplete or incorrect order. • providing clearly incorrect data. • failure to pay for previous deliveries or refusal of approval by the buyer's financial institution (cf. infra: payment). • failure to confirm the payment via web banking by the institution responsible for the technical realization of this payment (Ogone). • non-payment of the order within 7 days.

6. Offer and price

The offer and prices in euros are only valid on the day on which the Piet Nollet site is visited. They can be changed without prior notice, on the understanding that these changes do not in any way affect the obligations of the parties with regard to orders previously approved by Piet Nollet. The prices proposed after the ordering procedure are global prices in euros and, unless stated otherwise, include Belgian VAT and administration costs.

7. Availability

The product and price range of Piet Nollet is valid as long as it is on the Piet Nollet website, until the stock of Piet Nollet or its suppliers is exhausted. If a product is temporarily or permanently no longer available, the buyer will be informed within 3 working days. Provided it informs the buyer in advance, Piet Nollet can also suspend all or part of the order or deliver only part of the order. The other part is then refunded or products are presented to the buyer that are comparable to the products ordered. If the buyer refuses the proposed transaction, Piet Nollet will refund all or part of the order. In any case, Piet Nollet cannot be held liable for damage caused by a product being temporarily or permanently unavailable.

8. Delivery

The order will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer during the ordering process and according to the stated modalities. The ordered products can only be delivered to a physical address and not to a PO box. Delivery is made via a secure shipment. When the order is delivered, a scanning takes place in which a document is created that assumes that the order has actually been delivered (and has been properly received by the buyer), and that will serve as proof, unless the buyer can provide proof to the contrary. Piet Nollet reserves the right to choose the most suitable method of secure shipping for each order. It can therefore choose to send an order by registered mail based on the characteristics of the order (e.g. high amount of the order), the delivery history (previously reported problems by the customer, possible dispute regarding the delivery ...) or objective criteria that indicate that problems will / may arise with the delivery.

9. Invoicing

Piet Nollet only issues an e-invoice within the meaning of VAT legislation on the condition that the buyer has entered his VAT number in the field provided for this purpose (point 5.b. of the order procedure).

The buyer can provide a billing address that is different from the delivery address for the order.

10. Delivery times

Piet Nollet ensures that the order is processed as quickly as possible after correct processing or receipt of the amount to be paid. For orders for which all goods are available in stock, Piet Nollet guarantees a delivery period of 3 working days after receipt of payment. If the ordered goods are temporarily unavailable, Piet Nollet will inform the customer of the exact status of his order. In the event that the buyer, in accordance with Article 8, provides evidence that the order was not delivered within a period of 30 calendar days after the expected delivery period as mutually agreed (as stated in Article 7), the buyer can place the order without cancel payments, insofar as he does so by e-mail or registered letter in accordance with the information stated in article 19. The amounts that the buyer would have already paid will then be refunded to him within 14 days after receipt of the request for cancellation. Customization is not taken back and is not refunded. If he has not received the order, the customer has 3 calendar months after his confirmation to notify Piet Nollet in writing. After that period, the order is de facto considered to have been received and accepted by the customer, and no further compensation can be paid for it. However, please note: if you pay by bank transfer, Piet Nollet will not process your order until it has received the amount to be paid. The delivery times are therefore longer than when you pay by other means available on the website. They depend on when your financial institution received your transfer request and the time it takes to process them.

11. Processing costs

The price of the processing or other charges that the buyer may have to pay will be reported online at the time of the order and will be re-stated in the confirmation email. Any order exceeding € 61 including VAT does not entail any administration or delivery costs for the buyer. If Piet Nollet splits the delivery for reasons of availability, the processing costs will only be charged once.

12. Non-compliance

All articles offered through Piet Nollet are described in good faith and as accurately as possible. However, the images on Piet Nollet's website have no contractual value. The customer must check its contents immediately after receiving his order. If the received product does not correspond with the article that the buyer ordered or if it is damaged, the buyer can return the product to Piet Nollet within 7 days of receipt. Piet Nollet will exchange the product or refund the amount of the order, as well as the administration costs incurred, within 30 days after receipt of the returned item. After those 7 days, the delivered products are neither exchanged nor taken back. Piet Nollet reserves the right to refuse to refund returned products if they have been damaged by the Buyer. In general, an order is deemed to have been delivered in accordance with Article 10 or on the basis of the data on the document produced by the scanning at the time of delivery of the order.

13. Right to cancel

In accordance with the Belgian law of 14 July 1991 on commercial practices and consumer protection, the purchaser has a period of 7 working days from the day following the delivery of the order to cancel his purchase. If the purchase relates to personalized products, the customer does not enjoy that right. The cancellation can be notified by e-mail or registered letter addressed to Piet Nollet Customer Service, the details of which are stated in Article 19. The buyer's right to renounce is subject to the return of the total delivery within 3 working days from the sending of the email or registered letter in which the renunciation was notified. Products that are returned must be sent together with the accompanying delivery notes in new condition and in the original packaging, which must also be in perfect condition. Piet Nollet will refund the amount of the order concerned as soon as it has received the returned products and provided the products are in perfect condition. The shipping costs for returning the products are borne by the buyer, except in the case of non-compliant delivery (see article 12).

14. Payment

Orders via the Piet Nollet website must be paid by bank transfer, credit card or BanContact / Mister Cash. Piet Nollet can expand the payment options in the future. Other payment options will be announced via the Piet Nollet website. If a payment method with a credit card is chosen, the terms and conditions of the relevant card issuer apply. Piet Nollet is not a party in the relationship between the buyer and the card issuer. To guarantee a secure online payment and the security of the personal data, the transaction data is encrypted with SSL technology sent over the internet. The effective execution of the payment, including the encryption of the credit card data, takes place on Ogone's secure servers. Ogone has a certificate issued by Verisign After processing the credit card data and accepting payment, the buyer will receive a confirmation of the online payment via email. Piet Nollet remains the owner of the goods sold until the price has been paid in full.

15. Intellectual rights

The Piet Nollet website and its content are protected by copyright. The site also contains images that are protected by the copyrights of third parties. It is prohibited to copy, translate, modify or distribute (part of) these images in any form without the prior written permission of Piet Nollet or those third parties. Any full or partial copy, translation, adaptation, modification or distribution of the aforementioned elements is strictly prohibited. Any infringement of such intellectual rights can lead to civil and criminal prosecution.

16. Disclaimer - Limitation of Responsibility

Piet Nollet cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the Piet Nollet website. Piet Nollet is also not responsible for the content of the sites of third parties with which it creates hyperlinks, in particular with regard to the protection of privacy. Piet Nollet cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for non-performance of the concluded contract in the event of force majeure, difficulties in the event of a partial or complete strike of the means of transport and / or communication, floods, fire, war or riots.

17. Privacy

In principle, the customer can use this site without providing his personal data. However, certain parts of the site or the use of certain functionalities are only accessible on the condition that the customer communicates certain personal data. Visitors to this site can register via this site. The personal data (e.g. name, first name, address, e-mail address, telephone, etc.) that the customer enters during the registration are included and processed in the customer database of Piet Nollet. In accordance with the law on the protection of privacy of December 8, 1992, the law on e-commerce of 11/03/2003 and the Royal Decree of April 4, 2003 on personal data, the customer has the right at any time to to view, change and have that data deleted. The customer guarantees that the information he communicates is correct and complete. The communication of false identities, incomplete or incorrect data, or data belonging to third parties who have not given the customer permission to do so, may result in the customer being temporarily or permanently denied access to the Piet Nollet sites or parts thereof. Piet Nollet undertakes to use the customer's data exclusively to keep him informed of general information, offers and promotions. With every communication via e-mail, Piet Nollet gives the customer the option to unsubscribe from future electronic communication.

18. Disputes

Any dispute regarding the use of the Piet Nollet website and the application or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions is exclusively governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Kortrijk are competent.

19. Customer service and complaints

For the follow-up of the order and / or for questions or possible complaints regarding the conformity of the products that were delivered in the context of an order via the Piet Nollet website, the buyer can contact:

Piet Nollet

Roeselaarsestraat 16 - 8850 Ardooie

Tel: +32 475 46 76 33

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